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Assignment That I Am The Most Proud Of

The assignment I am most proud of during my time as a photography two student is the custom layouts project. I really enjoyed this project because it involved the two mediums of design I like the most: photography and graphic design. I found a lot of creative range when working on this project. For each layout, I wanted to incorporate a signifying element that separated them from the rest. For my first layout, I used the opacity tool to layer multiple images on top of one another to give it a "collage" feel. The second layout I made is ultimately my favorite because I feel as though it is the most creative. I chose to use pictures I had taken of flowers and layer them so that they would look like shards of broken glass, using the cut and inner glow tool. For my third layout, I used pictures of my dog and laid them out in a very geometrical way. I wanted all of the photographs to fit like puzzle pieces. To add a creative element I used the rectangle tool to make colored boxe…

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